The Barn Menu

Dine a la Carte at a fixed price of £18.95

Choose any starter and main course from this a la carte menu plus a choice of dessert from our dessert menu and enjoy 3 courses from only £18.95
(apart from the few dishes marked*
which are also available with a £2 supplement )

Full A la Carte Menu

"While you wait platter" £3.95

Mixed olives, wasabi peas and focaccia served with aged balsamic vinegar


    Bruschetta £4.75

    Grilled focaccia bread with olive oil, basil and a touch of garlic, topped with slowly roasted tomatoes. Served warm.

    Grilled king prawns £5.75

    Served with chilli and lime butter

    The Barn pâté £4.75

    Home-made smooth pâté served with a tomato and red onion chutney and melba toast.

    Home-made soup of the day £4.75

    Truly home-made.

      Calamari with a chilli dip £5.25

      Crisp deep fried rings of squid

    Traditional prawn cocktail £5.50

    Smoked salmon £5.75

    High quality, thinly sliced and served with lemon and brown bread

    Stilton and garlic mushrooms (v) £5.75

    Mushrooms cooked in a cream, Stilton and garlic sauce and served on a toasted crouton.

    The continental meat platter (for 2)  £8.75

    Parma ham, coppa, Milano salami, Serrano ham and chorizo.  Served with Provencal olives and country bread


From The Chargrill

All of our steaks are served with grilled tomato, mushrooms (cooked with olive oil and white wine) onion rings and a choice of potato. The Barn has been famous for steaks for many years and to maintain our reputation we use only 28 day aged British beef which ensures that the tenderness and flavour are second to none

    ½lb Rump steak £14.95                      ½lb Sirloin steak* £16.75

    Surf and turf * £19.75

      1/2lb sirloin steak plus king prawns with garlic butter

    The chicken mixed grill £12.75

    Breast of chicken, Speldhurst pork sausage, rasher of smoked back bacon and served with grilled tomato, mushrooms and a choice of potato

    Complimentary sauces to accompany your choice of grill:-
    Dijonnaise mustard - Creamy pepper - The Barn Sauce (white wine, diced bacon, sundried tomato and a touch of garlic)

    Homemade classic steak burger (½lb) £9.75

    Minced prime beef mixed with herbs, onions and seasoning based on an original American burger recipe,
    served in a bun with a tomato, chilli and coriander relish and curly fries or chips.

    ADD your choice of grilled bacon, mushrooms, melted Cheddar or mozzarella for only 50p per item.


    The fish platter

      Grilled king prawns with chilli and lime butter - lightly crumbed whitebait, deep fried and served with homemade tartar sauce - Moules mariniere with fries


    The Mexican speciality. Spicy and fun to eat. Served with tortillas, onions, red and green peppers, plus salsa, guacamole and sour cream with a choice of:

    Sliced breast of fresh chicken £11.75             King prawns         £12.75                  Mixed vegetables (v) £10.75

    Rack of lamb * £16.75

    Roasted with a herb and pistachio crumb. Served with a redcurrant reduction and choice of potato

    Duck breast £13.75

    Slowly pan fried, sliced and served with a ginger and rhubarb sauce and a choice of potato

    Moules Mariniere £10.75

    Served with large chips

    Whole Torbay Sole £14.75

    Pan fried with a prawn and lime butter or simply grilled and served with lemon. Served with a choice of potato.

    Barn style chicken £11.75

    Free range breast with a creamy white wine sauce, diced bacon, sun dried tomato and a touch of garlic. Served with a choice of potato.

    Chicken Caesar salad £10.75

    Made in the traditional way with a poached egg and crispy bacon in addation to a chargrilled chicken breast.

    Feta cheese and fresh fig salad (v)  £10.75

      With a lemon dressing

    Fresh spaghetti alla carbonara £8.75

    With pancetta, Parmesan cheese and fresh cream

    Roasted butternut squash (v) £9.75

    Filled with wild mushroom stroganoff. Served with rice.


    All £1.50...

    Garlic bread
    Mushrooms (cooked with olive oil and white wine)
    Buttered sugar snaps
    Grilled tomatoes
    Mixed salad
    Deep fried battered onion rings
    Sweet potato fries


All home made £4.65

    Sticky Toffee Pudding

    Served with butterscotch sauce and coffee ice cream

    Chocolate Brownie

    Served with Willetts chocolate ice cream

    Baileys Cheesecake

    Served with cream

    Toffee, apple and pecan crumble pie (n)

    Served hot or cold with fresh cream or Willetts vanilla ice cream

    "Eton Mess”

    A delicious blend of crushed meringues, berries, puree of raspberries and fresh cream

    Cheese and Mini Port

    Stilton, Cheddar and Brie served with celery, crisp biscuits and butter

      "Three for Me" £5.45

      A perfect trio of desserts - Sticky Toffee Pudding, Eton Mess and Baileys Cheesecake
      (80p supplement for fixed priced menu)

Ice Cream and Sorbets £3.75

Our dairy ice creams are from local Willetts Farm and made with award winning milk produced on the farm and natural ingredients

Ice Cream Specialities ..... £4.65

    "Chocolate Madness"

    Chocolate sponge with lots of Willetts chocolate ice cream topped
    with chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a flake

      "Liqueur Ice Cream"

      Your choice of Willetts ice cream flavoured with your preferred liqueur

    Espresso Gelato

    Willetts vanilla ice cream topped with espresso coffee


    Filter Coffee £1.95

    Freshly brewed coffee served with chocolate mints

    Cappuccino £1.95

    Served with Amoretti biscuits

      Lattee £2.00

      Served with Amoretti biscuits

    Double Espresso £1.95

    Served with Amoretti biscuits

    Floater Coffee £2.00

    Served in a glass with sugar and a generous topping of cream

    Connoisseur Coffees £3.85

    A large glass of coffee with a full measure of liqueur or spirit of your choice,
    topped with a generous topping of cream

For the connoisseur, choose from:

    Irish with Irish Whisky

    Russian with Vodka

    Parisienne with Brandy

    Calypso with Tia Maria

    Caribbean with Rum

    Highland with Scotch Whisky

    Seville with Cointreau

    Foods described within this menu may contain nuts, derivatives of nuts or other allergens.
    If you suffer from an allergy or food intolerance please notify a member of our serving staff
    who will be pleased to discuss your needs with our Duty Manager.